Wardrobe Styling

Corporate and Music Video Styling

Styling is different than Costume Design. In most cases, wardrobe is purchased, rented, or assembled from the client’s existing inventory. The goal is quick turn around. Custom costume builds must be negotiated weeks if not months in advance. I am an experienced stylist for corporate, military and music industry clients. Budget conscious, attention to detail. 


Wardrobe Styling Credits

Due to the nature of the Contracts and Subject Matter, I may not share photos from these shoots.

Shooters, Lockheed Martin (2005)

A corporate in-house video focused towards an Air Force audience. I followed the Air Force Uniform Regulations to dress several actors for this video. Consulted with a retired four star AF general on the subject. 

Blue Productions, "Innovation" (2006)

A corporate in-house commercial video featuring doctors and lab technicians for a pharmaceutical company. 

Rates for Corporate Video

  • $1000/Day
  • Double time prorated based on 10 hour day at 10 hour mark
  • Willing to negotiate Prep and Post Days down.
  • Assistant for Prep, on-set and Post required.

Styling for Music Videos

Music Video Credits

I will consider music videos only if I can have 1-2 assistants on set. 

  •  $1500/day
  • Double time at 15 hours
  • Willing to negotiate Prep and Post days down.
  • 2 Assistants required for shoot days, 1 for prep and post.

Assistant Wardrobe

Music Videos

“Doesn’t Remind Me” by Audioslave

As an assistant stylist, I shopped, placed orders, and ran pickup errands for all the wardrobe you see in the photos. Adult boxers came with their own clothing and gear. At the last minute we had to make more coaches jackets. The red jacket was made on the fly by me in two hours before the actor arrived. You work with what you got. I was only on set once. They took three days to shoot this video. The band was NOT in the video. 


WArdrobe StyList

Music Video

Colin Healy and the Jet Skis, Richmond, VA

Very low budget music video. Styled the band and extras from their own clothing. Pops of color were supposed to bring an 80’s vibe but maintain that 21st century look. I can’t find the video anywhere, so the final result is a guess!