About Me

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Past costume commissions between 2002-2007.

Classic Leia
Star Wars

Classic Leia costume commission (2006). Standard T-tunic white dress with mandarin collar, hood and metal embellished leather belt.

John Crichton

John Crichton Farscape vest replica. Patterned and made by me. All leather, quilted like the original and lined in cotton. 

Lord of the Rings

Linen shirt with sleeve smocking, simple trews in black, long brown leather vest, and green leather overcoat. All leather was cut from hides, then hand sewn together with awl and lacing. Cosplayer found own boots, belt and props. 

Anck Su Namun
The Mummy

Leather bra top and chiffon Shenti with waist tie sewn on. 

Star Wars-Expanded Universe

Comic book version Guri from Star Wars Expanded Universe. Stretch spandex and stretch vinyl. 

Star Wars-Expanded Universe

Front View – better view of gauntlets.